Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I bring the Word - Word Bearers Part 1

Well, I said I wanted to do some chaos. Here's how my mind is working.

Concept is, a small force, unlike my rapid painted DA, these will be for pushing my painting skill up.

HQ -

Aspiring Champion
Elites -
Troops -
DV Chaos Marines. These as is are a Chosen Squad, by cutting out the twin lightning fist chap (top right) they become a suitable Troops squad. (Assuming the bottom left chap's powerfist can count as a CC weapon).

Rhino Transport.


Fast Attack -

Heavy Support -

A fairly simple list, only 4 items to buy (Forgefiend, Raptors, Aspiring Champion and Rhino). Any thoughts or more Word Bearery specific units would be gratefully recieved.

Steve                                        EDIT - All pictures from GW Website.


  1. Dark Apostles are pretty Word Bearers-ish. So putting one of those guys in with a horde of CSM or cultists would be pretty cool, and faithful to the legion...

  2. Why are you buying the Aspiring Champion for the HQ when you have the Chaos Lord from the DV boxset?

    If you have sold/lost him why not use the champion in the Chosen Squad as the HQ choice and make the LC guy the squad leader (presuming he can then take LC's).

    And Apostles are a good Word Bearer unit. Though don't use the GW one.

    1. I prefer the aspiring champion model is all.

      What other Apostle models are there? Or is this a conversion thing?

  3. If i were you I would use the DV chosen champion as a dark apostle. Just cut the skull helmet from his hands and use that as his head throw on some parchment and alls good.

    As for ideas for units I always used to just adapt existing units to suit my vision, so Khorne bezerkers became crazed Wored Bearer zealots etc

    looking forward to seeing you tackle these :)

  4. I think you can cut the LC arms (and the PF arm) on the Chosen at the elbows or shoulders and just replace them with some spares from leftover Space Marine and Raptor parts. It's a pretty easy swap.

    You can then use the power axe Chosen as the unit leader, and paint up the "official" leader as a Dark Apostle. The proposed Dark Apostle's mace is also perfect if you want to tweak him a little to look more like (essentially) a fallen Chaplain.

    Anyway, I also got a few parts myself for a very similar project, so I'll be interested to see how you get on! ;0)