Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Building up...

So yeah, still working my way back into the hobby.

As was mentioned, the issue of cost is rather important at the moment. What with saving for a wedding, most of the income I would have been able to spend is being saved. Why I mention this is, how can I develop projects at low cost.


As we can see, a grotesque paintjob. Can't really remember why this went so tits-up but I'm looking at the base colour and wondering... Why?...
This was a £29 model (IIRC?) when I bought it, and it is a definite want in any krieg army I might (or might not do :p) so recovery job...
Dettol 75cl; £3.50 tesco
Ironically, the Hades is submerged;
Around 24-32 hrs later I remove the Hades and scrub with a toothbrush. For anyone using this as a guide, two words of warning.
  • Dettol stinks.
  • Keep the tub and item in a sink with something up the wall behind, as you will be flicking a mixture of semi-dissolved paint and dettol in a radius of around a metre around you.
  • Do not allow water to get into the mixture whilst you are scrubbing. Scrub item, rinse in the dettol tub then remove to a towel to drip dry before washing in hot soapy water.
  • The item will be quite sticky, I can't work out what it is, but its a grease-like emulsion of paint and dry dettol which is not suitable to work on at all. 
  • To remove this, the item will require a good wash in white spirit before you can think about painting. I washed in white spirit then again in hot soapy water before drying and readying for priming.
  • It still stinks of dettol.
The result; the paint pretty much all gone from the flat surfaces of the model. 

Gaps filled. Just needs sanding.
Added some mixed grade rubble and slate bits using white glue. Needs a watered down white glue layer over the top then we can prime.
So yeah, relatively pleased with the result. I do hope undercoating will go smoothly.

How will we paint this model?

This arrived last week...
Rather large airbrush compressor. As you can see, very limited for space.
So really, this post is outlining some of the limitations at the moment, i.e. space and money and how I'm working back into the hobby as it were. With luck the next post will be a painting update.

And finally... Thought I'd show this, two 38oz rump steaks I cooked for a Man V Food competition at work.
28 day dry aged 38oz rump steaks...