Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sentinel Powerlifter Finished and Terrain Train Part Two

Evening all,

Well now, Sentinel Powerlifter is painted, bear in mind it's not a frontline unit and I wanted it to retain some sort of erm, how do you say it, ubiquity, as in, it's merely a mechanised lifter for helping behind the lines. So, it's not got an awful lot of 'striking' features as it were, but I'm pleased enough with it.
His boring side.

Pleased with the scratchbuilt counterweight. 

His name isn't Krieg. It's Grippy.
And now, my 'edits' to the terrain board are made, you would not believe how hard it was to get photos of this, black light-sucking background for what are mainly shiny light objects. But I've done my best, hopefully it'll all be easier to see when painted.

My own dragons tooth, hereafter (DT). Looking like a shell or bolter has hit it and it's metallic top has buckled.

Replaced fuel cans next to generator. Added lots of sandbags to replace the ones there.

Sandbags replaced over one strongpoint.

Sideview of generators, had to replace a lot of the earthwork but think it's ok.

Overall board, whilst plaster is drying I'll find some accessories and things to add (though they'll be painted seperately) Barbed wire will eventually look different once fixers have solidified, I will effectively double it's coverage by careful negotiation....
Until next time, have a nice Halloween. I am celebrating halloween by going to Pizza Hut and then watching the new Silent Hill Movie. A movie I've waited for for a long time.


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

All aboard the Terrain Train - Part One

Choo choo.

Right, well I had an enjoyable temporal space in the Lake District between leaving on friday and returning on Monday. Here's a picture of a tree stump.

So, with Operation Spacegrave off to a flying start (f**k off), with the completion of the thunderbolt. I am going to now work on a different item, a RoB board imperial strongpoint available at FW. Here is the board;

As you can see it comes as black vacuum formed resin. With this in mind, some poor detail is inevitable, for example, the fuel drums and sandbags. These will be replaced, along with the dragon's teeth. Whilst doing this I will undoubtedly pick up some other bits that I want to fix up. I will start doing this tomorrow.

Other thing I did was replace the counterweight on the sentinel power-lifter. Not quite finished, but I have basically accomplished what I wanted which was to use plaster to make the rockcrete weight and plastic in the holder arrangement. This will give me a better painted texture in the finish that the all resin alternative.
Brass rod with square nuts holding the rockcrete within the holder. When painted there'll be imperial aquilas on it, i.e. I know it's plain at the moment.
Well, back to the bump and grind now, finished a rheology essay so I think a couple of days hobbying is in order.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thunderbolt Finished - Painted Pics - Operation Spacegrave Part 3

Hardly worth that previous update was it. Anyway, aside from the base (forthcoming when supplies acquired) The 'Bolt is finished. Quite pleased with it.

Quite pleased with the camouflage, getting good at doing the delineated edges I think,  also chuffed with the sweeping look of the camouflage.


I was going to paint him like Owen Wilson in 'Behind Enemy Lines' But then I forgot I hate Owen Wilson.

Sensor light - bristle to left which has since been removed.

Thunderbolt PIP - Part Two - Operation Spacegrave

Hey all, bit of work done, you'll notice my choice of markings on the starboard wing. Also a yellow stripe on the tail fin. I opted for a small transfer of the eagle on the nose instead of the rather large and incongruous detail. I hope to have her finished before tomorrow as I'm going to the Lake District for the weekend. Admittedly not a huge amount left to do on it but wanted to get a WIP up anyway.


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Operation Spacegrave Part I - Thunderbolt WIP

Hey all, small update this evening, and I'm typing this with one hand, and you'll soon see why.

Basically, I've gotten this far with the 'Bolt, I've been busy decorating and putting carpet down so now hobbyical work can resume.

This is where the 'Bolt got to;

 Before this happened, quite sore to be honest.

 In other news, got my first tattoo this week, very pleased with it.

It's from this song;

Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros.


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Vengeance is mine...

Well, on a half whim I took a look in my local GW, to find this little gem on the shelf. I have not purchased Dark Vengeance yet, but seeing, on the shelf a sealed limited edition copy, I was compelled to purchase it. The last copy available in County Durham it would appear...
I am most pleased...


Saturday, 6 October 2012

Operation Spacegrave is a go...

Well, the DK ground forces are approaching completion, left to do is, artillery piece and support, and 2 superheavies (mach and minotaur). So, this morning I have ordered from FW the navy wing, stay tuned for some aerial madness and ground based strangeness...


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Death Rider Squadron Finished (Pics) - Project Muffin the Mule.

Well, can't remember when I bought these but it was surely a long time ago, nice to see them finished, lovely models but the banners need to have a bit more definition to them; they seem a bit rushed in the sculpting. Anyway, there's five of them, but I've done pics of 3 of them then a group shot as they're all very much of a muchness...

"My wife calls me 'Ridemaster ' too y'know".

Grey horsie.

More of a brown, nut horsie.

This was an odd colour choice horsie, I looked up 'pictures of horses' (not recommended with 'safe-search: off'') and saw some interesting colours so I went with this browny, bluey, grey colour. Pleased enough with it.

"Trench Patrol".
You may have noticed one of them has his demo-spike missing, must have lost it when I moved house, which is dissapointing. What I think I'll do is buy another rough rider and take the lance from that, I have intentions on creating a mounted commissar so nothing will go to waste.

Aanyway, let me know what y'all think.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Project setbacks..

What, no love for the Thunderbolt Pilot?...

Right, well I ran out of black spray yesterday, and I also ran out of knife blades, so I can't even build anything at the moment. So... I've recommenced a long forgotten project, the Death Rider Squad.
I have had a look at them and realised the bulk of the work is done, with any luck I can have them finished by tomorrow evening. Friday I will purchase some more chaos black.

So basically, a teeny delay, but stay tuned for the rider squad, which I think will look rather spiffing since there are 5 of them.