Tuesday, 23 October 2012

All aboard the Terrain Train - Part One

Choo choo.

Right, well I had an enjoyable temporal space in the Lake District between leaving on friday and returning on Monday. Here's a picture of a tree stump.

So, with Operation Spacegrave off to a flying start (f**k off), with the completion of the thunderbolt. I am going to now work on a different item, a RoB board imperial strongpoint available at FW. Here is the board;

As you can see it comes as black vacuum formed resin. With this in mind, some poor detail is inevitable, for example, the fuel drums and sandbags. These will be replaced, along with the dragon's teeth. Whilst doing this I will undoubtedly pick up some other bits that I want to fix up. I will start doing this tomorrow.

Other thing I did was replace the counterweight on the sentinel power-lifter. Not quite finished, but I have basically accomplished what I wanted which was to use plaster to make the rockcrete weight and plastic in the holder arrangement. This will give me a better painted texture in the finish that the all resin alternative.
Brass rod with square nuts holding the rockcrete within the holder. When painted there'll be imperial aquilas on it, i.e. I know it's plain at the moment.
Well, back to the bump and grind now, finished a rheology essay so I think a couple of days hobbying is in order.


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