Friday, 31 August 2012

WIP Krieg Squad 2

Well, this took two days work, a lot of work going in to cleaning, flashing and smoothing. I had to fix the lasgun on the sergeant and I'm pleased with that, pinned on and then the gap smoothed out. Pics are below. Going to start painting this evening.


Monday, 27 August 2012

Platoon Command Finished Pics

Evening all,

Finished the platoon command squad today, banner took an age though :/

This brings my painted total to 27 krieg. It means all I have to paint to have the two troops choices is 7 infantrymen. (Made up of 25 man platoon, 5 Engineers).

Hope you like them


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Grenadiers/Stormies Finished

Hey all.

Finished the four Grenadiers I have, am on the lookout for a fifth one to complete the 5 man squad.
"This is a FlammenWerfer, it Werfs Flammen".

Next up is errr, I dunno.

But in more tasty news! My mum went on holiday and brought back. Excellent.


Monday, 13 August 2012

Imperial Guard Army I Finished - (Blast From The Past Vol.8)

Yeah, I know, I did actually have a playable army at one point in my hobby life. Please note I painted this about 6 months after I started doing Warhammer in about 2006.

Command Squad
Armoured Fist
Infantry Command
Was very proud of them at the time.

My hobbying lately has been halted by a lack of materiel, undercoat, superglue, a knife (lost it down the floorboards playing 'I'm a spy, throwing a knife at a board'.

Hopefully some more topical updates this week.


Thursday, 9 August 2012

13 Months on, Grenadiers and Shadowsword

It struck me today that it has been 13 months since this blog started, with 38 posts, which is just under 3 posts per month. I never thought I would update that much and of late, most updates have pictures in.

It's been a week since I actually finished painting something. These two Grenadiers will form the basis of a 5 man squad of grenadiers consisting of the Watchmaster (below), 2 Meltagunners (1 below) and then the Heavy Flamer team (see below).

Please remember these were rescue jobs.

 This is a conversion I did on a previous incarnation, but simplified here. Basically a simple barrel support, seems sensible to have one on a gun this long!
 Something I've wanted to do for a long while but didn't have resources.
 Parts list is on picture.
What I will be working on this evening, the Heavy Flamer team, excellent kit, can't fault it.

Well, aside from these, news wise. I have a nice RSPCA woman coming round tomorrow with a pet rabbit I have decided to adopt.
She is called Lilly, hoping her and Alan will get on as they will make a cute couple. Luckily both male and female are neutered/spayed or else I should end up like -
"Rats! Hairy Japanese bastards!".
Live long and prosper.