Monday, 27 August 2012

Platoon Command Finished Pics

Evening all,

Finished the platoon command squad today, banner took an age though :/

This brings my painted total to 27 krieg. It means all I have to paint to have the two troops choices is 7 infantrymen. (Made up of 25 man platoon, 5 Engineers).

Hope you like them



  1. Awesome Job. I just don't think I could do those models justice.

  2. lovely models, and lovely basing! I've been adding a touch of blue wash to my meltaguns (and exhausts) to give it a bit more heat effect, you might want to give it a try! Take a look at pics of bike exhausts (or blow torches etc) for some real life inspiration.

  3. Cheers guys,

    Oink - I'm trying to keep these guys simple trying to churn the army out. The banner bearer took the longest of any of the models so far!