Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Well I wanted to have an update for you today but unfortunately I can't get the shades/washes to dry quick enough so it's going to have to be tomorrow.

Well it's the end of 2012, a year which saw me finally pull my finger out and get on with painting the Krieg. So much so as I have started the DA project. And here's to 2013 being ever more paint filled and with luck, game filled.

So, I'm off out for New Years, to celebrate an arbitrary date and time and consider it celestial demarkation. Hope you all have a lovely and safe New Year and come back tomorrow for an Angelic update...


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Warhammer 40,000 First Game with the Krieg

Evening all,

Well, it's been a while since my last update. So where have I been, what excuse for my laxity in posting?

They say a picture tells a thousand words. This is of course bollocks, but I can't be arsed writing much so here comes a few pics.

I first left to North Yorkshire, to my GF's mother's house, and saw two cats;

Then left for Nottingham; CenterParcs to be exact.

Then, onwards to Warhammer World;
Fell in love with this, grot looking down the barrel of a gun, what could go wrong.

Will, Bert and Tom.

White Council.

On a cart.

Absolutely awesome! WFB 'gargant' utterly wicked. Loved it.

Rictus' Blight Drone, really liked it and also wanted to show how well the tree worked.

My force arrayed, defending the all important diet-coke.

Wanted a lift home in this, but apparently the driver was on his break.

Well, exciting week, for me, less so for you lot. And, as it is now the 23rd of December, and the Feast of Saturnalia, Mithras and some other fella called Jesus is upon us in less than 48hrs, I am afraid no more updates until eating has ceased and drinking has become difficult.

For more pictures of the 'games' head over to Recalcitrant Daze as it appears Rictus was a lot more attentive at photographing the actual game than me...


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Bell of Lost Souls Article

Hi all,

Wanted to show you all the first part of an article I've written for Bell of Lost Souls. It will be in two parts, not sure when the second one will be up.

Click me...

If anyone has anything they'd like me to write how I do, please let me know.

Thanks for continued support


Friday, 14 December 2012

Krieg Army Roundoup, pic heavy

Hey all, I wanted to condense my Krieg updates together so that I could show the array of models I've painted in the past six months.






Errr, wow, that's quite a lot painted for me haha.

Thanks all and here's to more Kriegy ness.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Rounds Complete - Krieg Mortar Teams finished


I must admit I'm dissapointed with the casting quality on these models, some of the areas such as faces/masks and things have come out quite badly after painting which I'm annoyed about but nevermind.

Anyway, next I think I'll be onto the DA again. Going away at the end of this week but we'll see whether I can squeeze in another update prior. I'm off for a glass of Bordeaux and to contemplate life.



Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Krieg - Trojan and Earthshaker Complete

Evening all,

The Trojan and Earthshaker are finished. The crew were completed and shown in an earlier post.

Front left hand wheel is on the piss which is irritating as I fixed it twice and seems to spring back to that position. 

Anyway, thanks a lot everyone. Hope you like them.


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Krieg - Artillery Piece and Trojan WIP/PIP

Evening all. This is what I've been working on,

Krieg Trojan and Earthshaker. Unfortunately I've run out of White Spirit, so am unable to totally finish them until I have bought some. But, I've done most of the detailing that I can, there will be another round of detailing after the oil painting stage then I shall update again with myriad pictures for you.

Once oils are added you will see a new depth and a few extra colours. They look rather bland at the moment.


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dark Angels 2 - Squad 1 Finished

Well, it has been a while since our last update has it not. And the reason for that is I had flu at the weekend. And by weekend I mean from Thursday til Monday. Which was enjoyable. Anyway, that's why I've not replied to comments or updated. So, to make up for this serious lapse *Damn my nervous system* I will reply to each commenter RE my DA test model, then show you what I've actually gone for.

Buffer - I basically agree with everything you said, which is why I have darkened my DA down a bit. It is now basically, toned down lights, with, hopefully, black and caliban green making up much of the model. I also decided I wanted black bolters instead of red.

Zab - Grimdark, is that a word now is it. Well, I've gone for Stevebland, which is my new word for a poor attempt at Grimdark. :p Thanks for the input, I've hopefully made a bit more of the shadows.

Si - Yeah, that test model was from the 3 in a box thingy GW does, no markings, I just put the numerals on for a bit of scaling, but then I realised that all the Dark Vengeance marines have iconography attached! Read on I will explain the force...

Basically, I've never played 40k. I want to learn, but for various reasons including the fact I don't drive, that I am lazy, that Krieg are expensive to break/damage/lose I have decided I want a very quickly painted force of Marines. The bonus being, they can be all infantry based, which means one carry case. Furthermore, they're plastic, thus less liable to damage and because I wanted Dark Vengeance anyway I have basically a full force of plastic Dark Angels which can be added to down the line. So with that in  mind, I have developed the following ethos behind painting these guys.

That I want something quick, compact (i.e. facile) and relatively easy to paint. I can answer these points, with the fact that it's an all plastic army, they're all infantry (bar 3 bikes) so can be stored/transported in one carry case, which makes train journeys easier. Rather than carrying seventeen cardboard boxes full of artillery and resin and I can paint these easily and quickly - onto my new slogan...

The Sixty Minuters!

Lord Flashheart of course, stole from the rich and inseminated the poor.

So, yes, 1 hour a model, which is impressive for me. So they're a tabletop quality model (certainly not my best painting) but an hour a model means that theoretically an army could be painted over the course of a weekend. Of course it won't be done like that but you get the idea.

Onto the models.

They aren't the best painted but together they look alright. 
Anyway, thanks all. And errr, stay tuned!