Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dark Angels 2 - Squad 1 Finished

Well, it has been a while since our last update has it not. And the reason for that is I had flu at the weekend. And by weekend I mean from Thursday til Monday. Which was enjoyable. Anyway, that's why I've not replied to comments or updated. So, to make up for this serious lapse *Damn my nervous system* I will reply to each commenter RE my DA test model, then show you what I've actually gone for.

Buffer - I basically agree with everything you said, which is why I have darkened my DA down a bit. It is now basically, toned down lights, with, hopefully, black and caliban green making up much of the model. I also decided I wanted black bolters instead of red.

Zab - Grimdark, is that a word now is it. Well, I've gone for Stevebland, which is my new word for a poor attempt at Grimdark. :p Thanks for the input, I've hopefully made a bit more of the shadows.

Si - Yeah, that test model was from the 3 in a box thingy GW does, no markings, I just put the numerals on for a bit of scaling, but then I realised that all the Dark Vengeance marines have iconography attached! Read on I will explain the force...

Basically, I've never played 40k. I want to learn, but for various reasons including the fact I don't drive, that I am lazy, that Krieg are expensive to break/damage/lose I have decided I want a very quickly painted force of Marines. The bonus being, they can be all infantry based, which means one carry case. Furthermore, they're plastic, thus less liable to damage and because I wanted Dark Vengeance anyway I have basically a full force of plastic Dark Angels which can be added to down the line. So with that in  mind, I have developed the following ethos behind painting these guys.

That I want something quick, compact (i.e. facile) and relatively easy to paint. I can answer these points, with the fact that it's an all plastic army, they're all infantry (bar 3 bikes) so can be stored/transported in one carry case, which makes train journeys easier. Rather than carrying seventeen cardboard boxes full of artillery and resin and I can paint these easily and quickly - onto my new slogan...

The Sixty Minuters!

Lord Flashheart of course, stole from the rich and inseminated the poor.

So, yes, 1 hour a model, which is impressive for me. So they're a tabletop quality model (certainly not my best painting) but an hour a model means that theoretically an army could be painted over the course of a weekend. Of course it won't be done like that but you get the idea.

Onto the models.

They aren't the best painted but together they look alright. 
Anyway, thanks all. And errr, stay tuned!


  1. Wow. Those look great for table top jobs. Seriously it wouldn't take much to push them along to table top +1 at your leisure would it? Really nice job there man.

  2. Mate absolutely love them! I think the green looks quality and for me you have nailed it! The only thing I would say is maybe you could do with a lighter layer on the browns to give the model a bit more contrast of dark and light overall, but as always personal opinion, if you like the brown leave as is. Either way painted to that standard it will be a cracking army!