Thursday, 15 November 2012

Army of Me - The army shot promised.

Army of Me of course a song by Icelandic Mindfuck Björk. But then I like Björk.

Now then, the force is arrayed across 3 1ft^2 shelves in the glass cabinet.

Quatermaster and retinue, Infantry command squad, two infantry squads, cyclops and operator, engineers with mole launcher, grenadiers, sentinel powerlifter, scratchbuilt searchlight at top rhs and chaos ogryn.

Valkyrie with rocket pods, macharius vanquisher, HQ command squad.

Thunderbolt with +fuel tanks, malcador with battlecannon and artillery crew.
Might not have any updates for a couple of days, for this I apologise. I am entertaining this weekend...



  1. Wow! Great army... wish i was at that standard! also makes me want a glass cabinet instead of the old bookshelves. I really like your superheavies. Makes you realise how big the plastic valkyerie kit actually is though.

  2. Mate that is a beautiful army! Love your Macharius Vanquisher, its such a good looking tank. The Valkyrie colour scheme is cool, it reminds me of a Hind, is that what your going for? That scratch built searchlight is impressive, fits in nicely, easily something people would blow 20 quid on at Forgeworld!

    1. Thanks mate, yes I copied this pic and brightened up the tan brown for a more 40k effect.

    2. Well it instantly made me think hind, so mission accomplished! And I think you've tied it in nicely to the 40k universe. I'm planning one eventually in Royal Navy colours like an old Phantom, so its nice to see others using real world influences!