Monday, 19 November 2012

Help Me...

I am struggling, so many mixed emotions, I can't think about anything else. Life is so difficult, there are times I think I should just end it all.

I can't decide what project to do next.

I have the following options;

Chaos Renegades

Dark Angels

Rebel Grot army. Consisting of grots only.

Couple of issues beset my decision. 1. The Dark Angels would be painted with airbrush, I have no paint thinner. 2. I don't have enough grots to really start the army. 3. I have no Krieg left to paint which would excuse me from making a decision now, which I could defer.

The answer is really, Chaos militia. What do you lot think, will you enjoy a renegade militia project?

Breakfast of Chosen.


Edit - This is my 69th post. Heh.


  1. No Krieg?

    You have the Heavy weapon teams to do.
    You have the Hades to re-build and finish off.

    1. I knew your visit would be bad news.....

      Heavy Weapons teams, that's true. But they are such a ballache to do I need to work myself up to do them.
      Hades requires paint thinner.

    2. I actually found them more enjoyable then bulk infantry. Do the heavies!

  2. Dark angels were always my first love with 40k, and with loads of new stuff inbound my vote would be for them, go buy some thinner!

    But I reckon a renegade army painted in a similar style to your Krieg guys would look pretty cool.