Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Rolling Barrage... A glimpse of things to come...

Well I want to thank you all for joining my little blog, I have now hit 50members, for which I am very grateful.
"We have a neeew member...".

And so, with the vanquisher Macharius now completed, I attend to the last krieg model/s I own. They are; Earthshaker, crew and Trojan. Which you can see here.

I am awaiting one or two bits in the post to finish the trojan, but whilst that wings its way to me on our marvellous postal service... I will paint the 5 crewmen.

When these models are complete I will grab all the models and do an army shot. Partially for my benefit. When I say that these are the last krieg models I own, I am remiss, as I should say own 'currently'. For I am aware that I need more infantry. But with that will come some other projects. Saying that though, I also have a HQ command squad to paint, whilst I like the Quatermaster, I think I will use the HQ squad instead.

So, in short, thanks for new members, and stay tuned for more modelling.



  1. Choklut.

    I wish I could spell like Majorie Dawes.

    1. I believe she says 'Choglud' but pronounces it 'chock-lit'.

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