Friday, 30 September 2011

Imperial Forces

Ok, I thought after the mad spending of the weekend I ought to list my army. Simply for my own reference. I think I probably have enough for a fair Krieg Army now...
Hash symbol denotes painted/partially painted or built...

  • HQ
    Death Korps Command HQ
    Death Korps Quartermaster and Retinue
    Death Korps Commissars x2 #
  • Elites
    Grenadier Squad
    Grenadier Special Weapons
    Grenadier Centaur
    Heavy Mortar and Crew
  • Troops
    Death Korps Engineer Squad and Mole Launcher #
    Hades #
    Death Korps Platoon Command
    Death Korps Infantry Firing, Advancing and At Ease
  • Fast Attack
    Death Rider Squad #
    Sentinel with Rockets #
    Sentinel Support
  • Heavy Support
    Heavy Earthshaker, Crew and Trojan

Monday, 26 September 2011

Games Day 2011

Well, after travelling to Birmingham yesterday and spending an enjoyable afternoon with Maelstrom - you may know him from TheRisingSign I went and stayed at the hotel, woke up late for GD, much to the dismay of,
Rictus, Maelstrom and LavaDave. Aaanyway, we arrived before 10am still, and I spent the day travelling around with Rictus, taking photographs.

The FW Display Area!

Here are some of my favourites.
Imperial Empalcement - hollow (light) display-terrain piece. Looks good, despite being very square...

 Dark Eldar somethingius.
 Another Dark Eldar somethingius.
 Crassus, not seen one in person so got a photo. Would be awesome to paint I think.
 New Rapier - an old style GW piece being remade. There's a little plate at the back so maybe they're going to do crewmen for it... Oooh, a Krieg Engineer crewman would be good!
Strange Warhammer Forge model, very not Warhammer actually, got other gaming system look to it, very creepy and as I say looks like something brand new in Warhammer.
Elysian concept art (Stormtroopers?).
Nurgle toads. These are MINT.
Rictus showed me this a few weeks ago and I loved it, one of my favourite GW models of the year (I don't rate Dark Eldar much). This is the oversize model (something to do with casting or something) it's like 4-5 times the size of the original. I got ahold of my copy of the model yesterday from Rictus so I'll get to painting it in a week or two. Whilst taking a photo of this, a fella in a GW shirt started talking to me, and I said how much I liked the model and "Who sculpted it", "me" was the reply. 

Some of my favourite Golden Demon entries - if you see yours please say! And remember these pictures are taken through glass with competing light sources so they're not always the best.
Golden Contemptor
Dreadnought smashing Tau backdoors in.

Not a clue.

GK Dreadnought I think. With Biffy Clyro lyrics on.

At the end of the day. Madness had set in.
Maelstrom, LavaDave and Mr. Feral

Anyway, good day had by all.
How was your experience?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Minor Update

Well, all I have left to do on the engineers is:

Aquillas, lenses, bases, weathering, transfers. I'm going to try and have them done before Tuesday. I started building my Hades today but there's a few faults with it so gonna take a bit of time to fix it up.

In other news, a few awesome blogs I found today.

Haekel and Jaekel.  Check out the step by steps. The squat one is good.
Mathieu Fontaine. These are incredible! Macharius, Russ, speeder, venator. Awesome stuff.

These are in French, but if you run them in Google Chrome it auto-translates.

In other news... 6 days!! :D


Friday, 9 September 2011

PIP Engineers #1

Firstly 16 days to go!

Right, Engineers are Paint in Progress. I'm doing 2 at a time, coat/armour/webbing then I'll do all 8 metallics and lenses, bases etc at the end (help tie them together).

I've gone for a reduced scale oakleaf camouflage, with fieldgrey armour. I'm very happy with the look as it is, and think it's definitely better than the initial black grey theme. I also think that these will tie with the troopers much better.

Squad of 7 men.
Converted Hades driver. (Arms brought closer together and lower) with backpack made from bits. Including a Thermite grenade!

Off for a pint now, hopefully do the next 2 this afternoon.