Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mucho Problemo

Well I have some bad news, I came home from uni to find my new dog (seen below) had chewed up my Terminator Squad something lethal. I would like to add that I did have them 'out of reach' on a table, which he had clearly knocked over and chewed them like little treats.

So, whilst I mourn the loss, I think I may have to start a new unit whilst I think of something else.

I think he knew he'd done something wrong. Or, you know, didn't care, I do hope my dog isn't a Nihilist.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Delays Delays

I really must apologise for my lack of updates recently.

In the first instance, university term started again today, and in the second, well, we have a new addition to the family...

I have however been working on things as best I can. I currently have a Deathwing squad on my desk, half painted, and I purchased the new DW command squad on Saturday... Well, I say I purchased it, my mother did, whilst on a trip to York.

I have also placed a GW order for;

Scouts with Sniper Rifles
 - I also have an old metal scout with sniper rifle, that I've had for years, I kept it, it's been in nitromors more times than I bear count but it's simply one of the best models GW have produced, so you'll see a squad of six before long.
DA Codex
Telion - he's in finecast, lovely model, I'll carve off and replace the the Omega symbology and make him into an aged DA scout.

I should have a fairly strong army before long, my aim is to have them close to completion by April for a few games with my friends.

So again, I must apologise but hope you'll keep watching my blog.


Thursday, 10 January 2013

WIP Deathwing

Well thought I'd better put something up. I know this fickle world....

Lost a bit of the depth, but cba sorting out all the lighting atm. He is just one of 5 I'm working on atm.

Very pleased with them so far. Stay tuned for the finished products.


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Dark Angels 2 - Tac Squad complete

Evening all, well the other 5 chaps are painted. This makes 10 men (Tac squad done). I think next I shall paint the Deathwing members as I have no black spray, but do have some white and can perhaps do them with white spray.