Monday, 14 January 2013

Delays Delays

I really must apologise for my lack of updates recently.

In the first instance, university term started again today, and in the second, well, we have a new addition to the family...

I have however been working on things as best I can. I currently have a Deathwing squad on my desk, half painted, and I purchased the new DW command squad on Saturday... Well, I say I purchased it, my mother did, whilst on a trip to York.

I have also placed a GW order for;

Scouts with Sniper Rifles
 - I also have an old metal scout with sniper rifle, that I've had for years, I kept it, it's been in nitromors more times than I bear count but it's simply one of the best models GW have produced, so you'll see a squad of six before long.
DA Codex
Telion - he's in finecast, lovely model, I'll carve off and replace the the Omega symbology and make him into an aged DA scout.

I should have a fairly strong army before long, my aim is to have them close to completion by April for a few games with my friends.

So again, I must apologise but hope you'll keep watching my blog.



  1. Cute beagle. Good luck with that timeline. DA done by April and then the war should be over by Christmas if this whole "Market Garden" thing goes as smoothly as we've planned, right? ;)

  2. Thanks Zab!

    He's not a Beagle, he's a Basset Hound though!

    1. Oh. I'm a cat person, but he's still really cute. Good luck maintaining any kind of discipline with a face like that. I'm not sure I could even manage to scowl at that little dude :)

  3. Hey, can i ask what color you used on the sides of the malcador to simulate dust/sand?

  4. Yeah mate,

    Basically I give it a light airbrushing with a tan/earth colour then stipple on tan/earth colour weathering powders to break it up a bit.