Sunday, 30 September 2012

Thunderbolt Pilot Ltd. Ed model painted.

Well it only took 4yrs but the GD Ltd. Ed. Thunderbolt Pilot is finally painted. I'm quite pleased with him I must say. Two things to notice is the work on the base and the skin tones, which I tried to keep muted (don't really like it when faces are painted coming up from dark brown to white, doesn't work for me). I think there's just enough shading on my interpretation.

Please note there are a couple of blips, at the top of his left arm, and just above his left pocket, these are tricks of the light, I'm guessing where I've painted it and it has resulted glossy, but they weren't there when I looked to correct them before this post!

"Good job I stood next to this pipe or anyone taking a photo of me would have a shite foreground...".

Can't properly see it, there's a raised section from which the pipe issues. Tried a little go at OSL too, kept it more as a hint of green aura rather than a bright light. I use a mixture of inks and gloss varnishes to finish diodes/gems/lights/screens/picters etc so there are two light reflections on this image, one of them is hand painted....

Next up is errr, hmmm, uhmmm... Fuck knows.


Friday, 28 September 2012

Quartermaster Part 2. Finished

Well I got them finished - They're lovely models but there are some really shite bits, the multi-arm chap is awful I have to say but everything else is lovely. Quite pleased with the fleshtones.

From left to right; there is one guy saying "We've not got it in a nine, will an 8 do?", "Well I'll have to shoot you", "But why, I've only shat myself", "Always wants to kill..." and guy on far right saying "What was his name? Smith, are you taking the piss?".
Decided to add some fallen leaves to these lads, basically in my own self indulgent arty shit way, I thought of dead  leaves on the dirty ground being a good theme with the quartermaster slaying one of his men...
After that, a massive tidy up was in order, and I also added myself some shelves, and for any nitpickers out there, the shelves are level, the walls are not.*


* - I live in a 150+yr old farm house, I know the wall isn't perfect as I rebuilt part of it when I moved in...

Monday, 24 September 2012

Death Korps Quartermaster, Part 1

hey all, here's the progress so far, been a bit busy past couple of days so got these fellas ready this evening, when GS dries it'll be sanded and primed. Ff the rain continues at it's current pace I suppose I'll be getting some decent painting time in....

From left to right; "Amy Winehouse, Heather Mills, Moby, Gordon Brown, Trinny, Susannah, welcome  to Operation Mindfuck!"


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Valkyrie finished, better pics of malcador - worth a look!

Hey all,

I ordered this the other day;

Possibly one of the best £9.90 I've ever spent. Have put my phone on top for scale.

So, using it straight away, I just finished the valkyrie, sick of seeing over-weathered navy aircraft that look about as airworthy as a Qantas 737. So have tried to add interest with a 3 tone camouflage scheme much like the valkyrie and with use of transfers.

'Trusted blade' 381's fetch and carry bird, on the base I painted yonks ago.

Also got some better pics of the malcador, have noticed i forgot to paint the shovels so will do that this after.

Drivers viewpoint needs work - thanks Aaron.

I think the malcador was a good first try at colour modulation, something that will be put to even better use in future.


Friday, 21 September 2012

Valkyrie PIP - Operation Spacegrave


Here's some rather crap pics of the Valkyrie in it's current state.

Gone for the Hind in desert camo. 

'Trusted Blade'


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sentinel Powerlifter Part une.

Evening all,

Well I made a start on the Valkyrie, but then ran out of paint thinner, partly through the amount of painting I've been doing lately, partly as I've been experimenting in making your own firelighters. Something I mentioned to my girlfriend with the simple reply of "Oh God".
So, I've ordered a bottle of thinner. Shame really, only place I can buy the one I like is Modelzone, but there's not one round here, so got stung on postage.

Here's the interim hobby work. The counterweight will be scratchbuilt, primarily as I really don't like the FW one.

 I've built him in a 'light' walking pose, as he won't be carrying anything. Now having looked at the kit, I may get another one in future and make the 'grips' go up and down. I reckon it'd be possible.
Gave him a treadplate/runway base, an idea I stole from Rictus... Sadly, I can't find a link on his blog, but I found it googling 'Sentinel; Rictus'.
This effectively begins the Naval wing of the Imperium forces....


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Malcador Painted - Finished

Hey all, finished the Malcador. Very pleased with it, and have learned a lot from it, I reckon my next tank will look even better.

Heavy use of oil and pigment, note the streaking on the barrel and the smoke and soot on the exhaust.

Pleased with my new transfer application process...

Heavily weathered 'access' step. Note the gentle streaking from the visor.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Malcador PIP

I think a lot of people who know my painting habits would be amazed to see me get this far in a day.

So here's a paint in progress shot...

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Cyclops and Malcador [1]

Managed to get some better shots of the cyclops. I didn't go overboard with the weathering as I expect it'd not be in one piece for long. This model served a nice practice for the armour units to come.

THE DESK.... Desk of inestimable fury, dissapointment and shite photography.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Finished Cyclops, army shot and what's next...

Evening all.

Well I finished the cyclops and operator and here they are. Quite an effective conversion in my personal opinion.

This is the army as it stands -
25 troops, 5 engineers, 5 grenadiers, cyclops and operator. The horsemen are not finished and they will come soon, but for now, the next project is...

Can you tell what it is yet?



Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cyclops Operator conversion

Small update, been busy today but got this conversion sorted.

I took the data slate hand from the Krieg artillery crew set, cast it and have used it with this spare chap with a shoulder slung lasgun.

Quite pleased with it.

This week I will start looking at painting armour. I've just ordered some paints I need tonight so hopefully tuesday or wednesday I'll get some colour schemes online.


Friday, 7 September 2012

Krieg Painted D + Grenadier Painted

G'day. Largish update today, I finished the other 5 chaps from the squad (apart from base rims).

The five completed -
Amid the rest of the squad.
The more observant of you will see there are 9 guys here. Worry not, for the tenth member will be along shortly.

Grenadier -

Don't forget, he was a rescue job so he's a bit rough round the edges sadly.

Two mega purchases I made.
Hehe Bad Hare Day 

Yes, I know. Two mint things combined to make a mint thing.


Monday, 3 September 2012

Krieg Painted C

I think it's C, can't remember. Anyway, here are 4 from the squad. I also painted a grenadier but will show pics of that with the completed squad later in the week.

As you can see the fixing of sergeant's lasgun seems to have worked very nicely.