Saturday, 22 September 2012

Valkyrie finished, better pics of malcador - worth a look!

Hey all,

I ordered this the other day;

Possibly one of the best £9.90 I've ever spent. Have put my phone on top for scale.

So, using it straight away, I just finished the valkyrie, sick of seeing over-weathered navy aircraft that look about as airworthy as a Qantas 737. So have tried to add interest with a 3 tone camouflage scheme much like the valkyrie and with use of transfers.

'Trusted blade' 381's fetch and carry bird, on the base I painted yonks ago.

Also got some better pics of the malcador, have noticed i forgot to paint the shovels so will do that this after.

Drivers viewpoint needs work - thanks Aaron.

I think the malcador was a good first try at colour modulation, something that will be put to even better use in future.


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  1. You're welcome :p

    Valkyrie looks good mate, a little hit of damage never goes astray though.