Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sentinel Powerlifter Part une.

Evening all,

Well I made a start on the Valkyrie, but then ran out of paint thinner, partly through the amount of painting I've been doing lately, partly as I've been experimenting in making your own firelighters. Something I mentioned to my girlfriend with the simple reply of "Oh God".
So, I've ordered a bottle of thinner. Shame really, only place I can buy the one I like is Modelzone, but there's not one round here, so got stung on postage.

Here's the interim hobby work. The counterweight will be scratchbuilt, primarily as I really don't like the FW one.

 I've built him in a 'light' walking pose, as he won't be carrying anything. Now having looked at the kit, I may get another one in future and make the 'grips' go up and down. I reckon it'd be possible.
Gave him a treadplate/runway base, an idea I stole from Rictus... Sadly, I can't find a link on his blog, but I found it googling 'Sentinel; Rictus'.
This effectively begins the Naval wing of the Imperium forces....



  1. Thieving Geordie bastard...

    I hope you at least ordered several bottles of thinner to avoid having to order any in an emergency again.

    1. Erm... No, I've not worked out how to do combined shipping yet lol. However, I'm going to the metro centre when my student loan comes in and will pick up a couple of bottles from modelzone!

  2. Good to see you modelling again mate :)

    The new sentinel kit is a vast improvement on the old one simply because the legs aren't static. A pose like this would not be possible without major conversion work.

    How are you planning on doing the counter weight?

    1. I must admit, yes, it's improved, but it took me a long time to work out how to put the legs together (no instructions).

      The counterweight is going to be made from a plaster block bound in steel straps. Hopefully that will come today...