Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Well, a couple of years back Rictus did some terrain - before Cities of Death - constructing a beast of a building out of foamboard.

Well, that wasn't that interesting... But, then actually painted it and added some awesome stuff, like propaganda posters. He/she (maintain the mystery*) posted a sheet of 40k'ified propaganda posters. Which can be found here:

And I had a go at making one for myself. Need to ask what size they need to be for accurate size printed but nevermind.

One he hasn't done yet -

Another I made:

* - Rictus may or may not be female.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Apologies for the lack of updates everyone, I'm currently collecting data for my undergraduate dissertation which is taking a lot of time.
I quit smoking last week so there should be a lot more money going towards my hobby in the near future. After Games Day I hope to have a good bit of hobby time alongside my uni work.

I guess I need to retain people's attention, which is difficult, but in the near future I intend to do a lot of things. Not least, my big project for after GD which is the construction of a display board (and gaming though not oriented at that) table in trench patterns, with artillery and bunkers (including my own modular trench systems).

Apologies again, and I hope to update soon.


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Krieg Pattern Sentinel

Well, finally here's something.

Not to keen on the highlighting, as it's not deep enough. Next time I'll do another stage. As far as this one is concerned think of it as a test subject.


Monday, 8 August 2011

Blast from the Past Vol.8

Evening, as I said I left my camera up North, but I am travelling home this Wednesday so should be able to shoot some pictures when I get there.

So here are some older pictures of my stuff.

Was never too happy with these, the idea was whitewash, using hairspray.

Anyway, coming up soon, apologies for the lax updates, a few things been going on this end.

  1. Will post up pictures of the Krieg Pattern rocket Sentinel this week, already painted. 
  2. Pictures of Krieg Engineers which are in progress now.
  3. Eventual conversion work of Hades Drill.
Take Care!


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Planet Planning

G'day all,

Unfortunately I've left my camera oop North. So a bit of a wordy update I'm afraid.

I ordered this;
From I intend to create and cast some stowage for my tanks.

The things that GW/FW don't make are sand channels. I am making some of this;
It's called Marston/Marsden matting. It was designed in WWII as a way of quickly creating airfields (particularly helpful on the advance to Japan, and the Pacific Islands). Essentially, strips of pierced steel which is longitudinally hooked together.
My design takes the pierced steel look but the hooks on the sides will be more 40k style by being more simple. I'm hoping to cast the product so I won't worry about the combination of materials I use.

Hopefully I should have some pictures up within the week.