Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Well, a couple of years back Rictus did some terrain - before Cities of Death - constructing a beast of a building out of foamboard.

Well, that wasn't that interesting... But, then actually painted it and added some awesome stuff, like propaganda posters. He/she (maintain the mystery*) posted a sheet of 40k'ified propaganda posters. Which can be found here:

And I had a go at making one for myself. Need to ask what size they need to be for accurate size printed but nevermind.

One he hasn't done yet -

Another I made:

* - Rictus may or may not be female.

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  1. haha the mystery of Rictus :P

    great job on the posters, make up a sheet with them all on :) they best feature on teh display board you say your goign to make after GD too ;)