Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dark Angels 2 - Squad 1 Finished

Well, it has been a while since our last update has it not. And the reason for that is I had flu at the weekend. And by weekend I mean from Thursday til Monday. Which was enjoyable. Anyway, that's why I've not replied to comments or updated. So, to make up for this serious lapse *Damn my nervous system* I will reply to each commenter RE my DA test model, then show you what I've actually gone for.

Buffer - I basically agree with everything you said, which is why I have darkened my DA down a bit. It is now basically, toned down lights, with, hopefully, black and caliban green making up much of the model. I also decided I wanted black bolters instead of red.

Zab - Grimdark, is that a word now is it. Well, I've gone for Stevebland, which is my new word for a poor attempt at Grimdark. :p Thanks for the input, I've hopefully made a bit more of the shadows.

Si - Yeah, that test model was from the 3 in a box thingy GW does, no markings, I just put the numerals on for a bit of scaling, but then I realised that all the Dark Vengeance marines have iconography attached! Read on I will explain the force...

Basically, I've never played 40k. I want to learn, but for various reasons including the fact I don't drive, that I am lazy, that Krieg are expensive to break/damage/lose I have decided I want a very quickly painted force of Marines. The bonus being, they can be all infantry based, which means one carry case. Furthermore, they're plastic, thus less liable to damage and because I wanted Dark Vengeance anyway I have basically a full force of plastic Dark Angels which can be added to down the line. So with that in  mind, I have developed the following ethos behind painting these guys.

That I want something quick, compact (i.e. facile) and relatively easy to paint. I can answer these points, with the fact that it's an all plastic army, they're all infantry (bar 3 bikes) so can be stored/transported in one carry case, which makes train journeys easier. Rather than carrying seventeen cardboard boxes full of artillery and resin and I can paint these easily and quickly - onto my new slogan...

The Sixty Minuters!

Lord Flashheart of course, stole from the rich and inseminated the poor.

So, yes, 1 hour a model, which is impressive for me. So they're a tabletop quality model (certainly not my best painting) but an hour a model means that theoretically an army could be painted over the course of a weekend. Of course it won't be done like that but you get the idea.

Onto the models.

They aren't the best painted but together they look alright. 
Anyway, thanks all. And errr, stay tuned!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dark Angels 1 - Test model.

Hey Buffer, I'd be interested to hear your opinion on this. I too have been a DA fan for a long time.

Well, good evening to you all. I'm taking a long time to write a fairly short intro to one pic because I'm typing whilst looking at the TV.

Erm, played around with some colours. Rather than arse around with I think I counted 7(?) different paints, shades, glazes and whatever other watered down horses piss they can sell you, I decided to use no more than 3 colours for the DA armour. These colours are caliban green, moot green and sybarite green. The last two are the same brightness, but I really loved the look of sybarite green that I convert the final highlights into a desaturated erm, line highlight.

Very very rough and ready, just to see how the colours played out. 
Now, here are my caveats; 1) I hate GW's all over highlighting thingy, they have a word for it I think but I can't remember it at the moment. 2) Bearing that in mind, I've gone for a top down zenithal approach (which will be easier to see with the proper lighting rig, but to get the picture I have to stand up and clear my desk, and whilst I appreciate all my followers and commenters, I've got a bit of a sore leg. I then chose a band of the model, in this case a band from head down to feet across his right hand side, this is where I've focused edge highlights. (Bear in mind, this hypothetical band of light widens at the base to incorporate both right and left foot. But the light is v much focused on his right hand side.
So let's just all pretend that he's fighting a battle to the North, while the primary sun of the hypothetical planet is in the East.

Yeah tenuous, but fucked if I'm going to do all over edge highlights.

Errr that was a lot of words for a fairly uninteresting post.


PS: Just realised that if I type whilst looking at the tv, I write 'erm' a lot.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Help Me...

I am struggling, so many mixed emotions, I can't think about anything else. Life is so difficult, there are times I think I should just end it all.

I can't decide what project to do next.

I have the following options;

Chaos Renegades

Dark Angels

Rebel Grot army. Consisting of grots only.

Couple of issues beset my decision. 1. The Dark Angels would be painted with airbrush, I have no paint thinner. 2. I don't have enough grots to really start the army. 3. I have no Krieg left to paint which would excuse me from making a decision now, which I could defer.

The answer is really, Chaos militia. What do you lot think, will you enjoy a renegade militia project?

Breakfast of Chosen.


Edit - This is my 69th post. Heh.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Army of Me - The army shot promised.

Army of Me of course a song by Icelandic Mindfuck Björk. But then I like Björk.

Now then, the force is arrayed across 3 1ft^2 shelves in the glass cabinet.

Quatermaster and retinue, Infantry command squad, two infantry squads, cyclops and operator, engineers with mole launcher, grenadiers, sentinel powerlifter, scratchbuilt searchlight at top rhs and chaos ogryn.

Valkyrie with rocket pods, macharius vanquisher, HQ command squad.

Thunderbolt with +fuel tanks, malcador with battlecannon and artillery crew.
Might not have any updates for a couple of days, for this I apologise. I am entertaining this weekend...


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Krieg Command Squad Finished - Painted Pics

Evening all,

And a welcome to all my new members, thank  you all. :)

I expected my next update to be the finished artillery piece and trojan. But unfortunately owing to my girlfriend spending £85 on animal food/bedding Purity Seal spray (vital to the completion of said items) was deemed an unnecessary purchase. Though I will be purchasing some on Friday. With luck, they will be done by next week. If I don't run out of thinner. It never rains, it pisses it down.

£85 worth of animal bedding, no, it's not a fucking hotel, unfortunately.
So, onto other things, here are the finished crew for the arty and trojan. I took the piss a bit, one guy has a hammer and the other is holding a great metal pin under his arm. I guess you'd want to look busy in some way.
Here is the command squad, I'm very pleased with them how they've come out, particularly the banner bearer.

"I must say, I don't know why my legs are quite so wide".

"Purple isn't gay".

"Do you like my coat? I got it from Hugo Boss...."

"Excuse me sir, that chap over there said 'The Emperor can suck my balls' I am away to cut off said balls and feed them to him". 
"Why must you hold your rifle the same way I do, everytime we're in a photo you have your rifle the exact same way"
"Fuck off".

Well now, I hope you like them, I think they're quite nice, a good unit to lead my Krieg in fruitless wars of attrition.


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Rolling Barrage... A glimpse of things to come...

Well I want to thank you all for joining my little blog, I have now hit 50members, for which I am very grateful.
"We have a neeew member...".

And so, with the vanquisher Macharius now completed, I attend to the last krieg model/s I own. They are; Earthshaker, crew and Trojan. Which you can see here.

I am awaiting one or two bits in the post to finish the trojan, but whilst that wings its way to me on our marvellous postal service... I will paint the 5 crewmen.

When these models are complete I will grab all the models and do an army shot. Partially for my benefit. When I say that these are the last krieg models I own, I am remiss, as I should say own 'currently'. For I am aware that I need more infantry. But with that will come some other projects. Saying that though, I also have a HQ command squad to paint, whilst I like the Quatermaster, I think I will use the HQ squad instead.

So, in short, thanks for new members, and stay tuned for more modelling.


Monday, 5 November 2012

Mechanicum's Finest - Macharius Vanquisher Painted

Evening all,

I've bollocksed up the imperial strongpoint piece, await (a long wait) further news on that. So instead, here's the Macharius Vanquisher Finished. Easily my favourite FW tank they produce. Enjoyable painting too.

Chuffed with the lighting...