Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Krieg Command Squad Finished - Painted Pics

Evening all,

And a welcome to all my new members, thank  you all. :)

I expected my next update to be the finished artillery piece and trojan. But unfortunately owing to my girlfriend spending £85 on animal food/bedding Purity Seal spray (vital to the completion of said items) was deemed an unnecessary purchase. Though I will be purchasing some on Friday. With luck, they will be done by next week. If I don't run out of thinner. It never rains, it pisses it down.

£85 worth of animal bedding, no, it's not a fucking hotel, unfortunately.
So, onto other things, here are the finished crew for the arty and trojan. I took the piss a bit, one guy has a hammer and the other is holding a great metal pin under his arm. I guess you'd want to look busy in some way.
Here is the command squad, I'm very pleased with them how they've come out, particularly the banner bearer.

"I must say, I don't know why my legs are quite so wide".

"Purple isn't gay".

"Do you like my coat? I got it from Hugo Boss...."

"Excuse me sir, that chap over there said 'The Emperor can suck my balls' I am away to cut off said balls and feed them to him". 
"Why must you hold your rifle the same way I do, everytime we're in a photo you have your rifle the exact same way"
"Fuck off".

Well now, I hope you like them, I think they're quite nice, a good unit to lead my Krieg in fruitless wars of attrition.



  1. Really nice job mate, I love the green tinge to the armour.

  2. Super effort. Love the effect on the Hugo boss jackets

  3. Actually can I just ask how you did the coats as they look fantastic?

    1. I use Vallejo Model Colour for them. I get a better result. Basically, dark brown, light black wash, medium brown, then medium brown/pale brown mixed. It takes a while but I do like the effect. Thanks.

  4. Nice! The Command squad is really good, love the guy with the Banner.