Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dark Angels 1 - Test model.

Hey Buffer, I'd be interested to hear your opinion on this. I too have been a DA fan for a long time.

Well, good evening to you all. I'm taking a long time to write a fairly short intro to one pic because I'm typing whilst looking at the TV.

Erm, played around with some colours. Rather than arse around with I think I counted 7(?) different paints, shades, glazes and whatever other watered down horses piss they can sell you, I decided to use no more than 3 colours for the DA armour. These colours are caliban green, moot green and sybarite green. The last two are the same brightness, but I really loved the look of sybarite green that I convert the final highlights into a desaturated erm, line highlight.

Very very rough and ready, just to see how the colours played out. 
Now, here are my caveats; 1) I hate GW's all over highlighting thingy, they have a word for it I think but I can't remember it at the moment. 2) Bearing that in mind, I've gone for a top down zenithal approach (which will be easier to see with the proper lighting rig, but to get the picture I have to stand up and clear my desk, and whilst I appreciate all my followers and commenters, I've got a bit of a sore leg. I then chose a band of the model, in this case a band from head down to feet across his right hand side, this is where I've focused edge highlights. (Bear in mind, this hypothetical band of light widens at the base to incorporate both right and left foot. But the light is v much focused on his right hand side.
So let's just all pretend that he's fighting a battle to the North, while the primary sun of the hypothetical planet is in the East.

Yeah tenuous, but fucked if I'm going to do all over edge highlights.

Errr that was a lot of words for a fairly uninteresting post.


PS: Just realised that if I type whilst looking at the tv, I write 'erm' a lot.


  1. Hello mate, love the initial model! Its going to take me literally years to do what I want with my Praetorians, but if i was starting an army from scratch it would be Dark Angels! It would therefore be great to watch what you get up to if you decide to do it.

    Right this is purely my opinion, and everyones tastes are different, so it may be my opinions differ from what you want, but heres my more detailed thoughts.

    I love the method you have used for highlighting its very effective and i think it will look great en masse. I have never been a fan of the look GW give Dark Angels, i have always found it too light and cartoony. This is what i mean:

    I have always been a fan of Dark Angels being Dark! Just a green shade of black and to be fair I think the staff paint jobs for the Dark Vengeance models is much more in keeping.

    So I love the paint job style you've done but personally would take it all down a colour notch or two with caliban (with maybe a wash) as your first layer.

    It is all personal preference though, my praetorians jackets on my blog are that colour with castellan on top but one of my inspirations for that was dark angels.

    Whatever you decide i look forward to seeing it!

  2. That looks good. I'd push the shadows a bit more when you are done with the test phase by using purple wash in some of the darker recesses. Might help them look a bit more "grimdark" as the interweb says.

  3. I approve mate :) he is looking rather awesome. I agree with Zab in regards to pushing the shaows a little more. I would also use red for the roman numerals on his shoulder just to make them pop a little more :)

    you planning a small force of these guys then?