Sunday, 30 September 2012

Thunderbolt Pilot Ltd. Ed model painted.

Well it only took 4yrs but the GD Ltd. Ed. Thunderbolt Pilot is finally painted. I'm quite pleased with him I must say. Two things to notice is the work on the base and the skin tones, which I tried to keep muted (don't really like it when faces are painted coming up from dark brown to white, doesn't work for me). I think there's just enough shading on my interpretation.

Please note there are a couple of blips, at the top of his left arm, and just above his left pocket, these are tricks of the light, I'm guessing where I've painted it and it has resulted glossy, but they weren't there when I looked to correct them before this post!

"Good job I stood next to this pipe or anyone taking a photo of me would have a shite foreground...".

Can't properly see it, there's a raised section from which the pipe issues. Tried a little go at OSL too, kept it more as a hint of green aura rather than a bright light. I use a mixture of inks and gloss varnishes to finish diodes/gems/lights/screens/picters etc so there are two light reflections on this image, one of them is hand painted....

Next up is errr, hmmm, uhmmm... Fuck knows.


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