Friday, 28 September 2012

Quartermaster Part 2. Finished

Well I got them finished - They're lovely models but there are some really shite bits, the multi-arm chap is awful I have to say but everything else is lovely. Quite pleased with the fleshtones.

From left to right; there is one guy saying "We've not got it in a nine, will an 8 do?", "Well I'll have to shoot you", "But why, I've only shat myself", "Always wants to kill..." and guy on far right saying "What was his name? Smith, are you taking the piss?".
Decided to add some fallen leaves to these lads, basically in my own self indulgent arty shit way, I thought of dead  leaves on the dirty ground being a good theme with the quartermaster slaying one of his men...
After that, a massive tidy up was in order, and I also added myself some shelves, and for any nitpickers out there, the shelves are level, the walls are not.*


* - I live in a 150+yr old farm house, I know the wall isn't perfect as I rebuilt part of it when I moved in...


  1. Ha! Gratuitous Whitestripes reference.

    They look lovely mate, I think the little cherub bloke could do with some writing on his toilet paper though ;)

    1. Cherub sort of belies his actual look, he probably gets bullied in barracks - I had thought he might just be carrying spare paper for his bureaucratic friend. Then I thought it's a bit harsh to send him onto the battle field just to supply excess paper. Unless anything spectacular happens he's a bit pointless. So I guess I will have to give him some writing.