Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mucho Problemo

Well I have some bad news, I came home from uni to find my new dog (seen below) had chewed up my Terminator Squad something lethal. I would like to add that I did have them 'out of reach' on a table, which he had clearly knocked over and chewed them like little treats.

So, whilst I mourn the loss, I think I may have to start a new unit whilst I think of something else.

I think he knew he'd done something wrong. Or, you know, didn't care, I do hope my dog isn't a Nihilist.


  1. But with a face like that, you have to forgive him!! Aahhh.

    Unlucky fella, could have been worse, what if it was the sweet DKK stuff? See the bright side.

    And the dog is extra cute.

  2. Sure, sure. The DOG ate my homework. Maybe he's teething?

  3. Unfortunately he has been forgiven. And I've learned my lesson.

    He's not teething yet, he just likes to chew stuff! Teething joys will come in a month or two I think.

  4. Hmm... If you've still got the bits you could convert them into a 'unique' looking unit of nurgle terminators?

    Hope the silly thing hasn't hurt his gums/insides doing this terrible deed.