Saturday, 2 February 2013

I am a complete nob.

Well, I happen to love the new Hobbit movie and have seen it about 4 times. However, yesterday, as my partner was off work we took the new dog to the vets then stopped in the pub on the way home, unfortunately for me, alcohol and a swollen bank account are a bad mix. Suffice to say my 'swollen' bank account has been lanced, like a boil on the arse.

Now quite frankly, I am kicking myself, for two reasons, the first being that I ordered from GW direct, and not another store - I'd have saved about £34 if I had. Secondly, that I spent rather a lot.

Seeing as the Radagast model comes with Sebastien the Hedgehog, a tiny addition to the overall thing, I clearly in my drunken stupor justified the spend to myself with 'he comes with a hedgehog'. So, yes, I'm clearly an utter nob.

I would like to add that I'm pleased to have gotten the words 'swollen', 'nob', 'lanced' and 'hedgehog' into this post. I have as such put labels accordingly, someone with a rather niche fetish will get a boring google search result at some point in the future.

Yours Nobbly



  1. Wont be the last time either :)

    we've all been there. :)

  2. Ha! Classic buyers remorse.

    Drunken eBay buys are always funny too, it's like Christmas you never know what will turn up.

    I look forward to you painting probably a third (optimistically) of it ;)