Monday, 4 February 2013

DKoK - Converted DKoK Leman Russ

Evening all,

Well, Tinners, a fellow blogger - Tinners' Warseer Blog - sent me one of his converted Chimera-Russes last week, which was awfully kind of him.

Here's how it arrived;

As you can see, an excellent conversion and an equally good paintjob. However, two things are problematic with it. The first being that this model was of course converted and built to fit in someone elses army, not mine, same with the paintjob. The second issue being, due to the first problem, the tank isn't armed for my army.

Brief interlude: I was informed a little while back that I can't use my superheavy vehicles in my force until I have reached 2500pts in the force with non-superheavies etc. Yes, I know very little of the 'game'*.

Thus, I have made a few additions to the vehicle in order to fit it into my army, but I did want to stick to the way the vehicle was in some ways, such as the fact that I love how much of the shape of the vehicle is defined by the stowage and camo-netting.

Double length bedroll added to right hand trackside. Heavy stubber  on cupola. Coaxial lascannon added. 

New cupola fitted, to fit with the cupolas I have on my other vehicles

Empty shell casing used to 'hold down' the camouflage nets.
Painting will commence shortly...


* - By the 'Game' I mean 40k, not Neil Strausses horseshit with the same name.

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  1. Who told you that? You don't need 3.5k of non superheavies before you can use the superhevies in an Apoc game.