Thursday, 9 August 2012

13 Months on, Grenadiers and Shadowsword

It struck me today that it has been 13 months since this blog started, with 38 posts, which is just under 3 posts per month. I never thought I would update that much and of late, most updates have pictures in.

It's been a week since I actually finished painting something. These two Grenadiers will form the basis of a 5 man squad of grenadiers consisting of the Watchmaster (below), 2 Meltagunners (1 below) and then the Heavy Flamer team (see below).

Please remember these were rescue jobs.

 This is a conversion I did on a previous incarnation, but simplified here. Basically a simple barrel support, seems sensible to have one on a gun this long!
 Something I've wanted to do for a long while but didn't have resources.
 Parts list is on picture.
What I will be working on this evening, the Heavy Flamer team, excellent kit, can't fault it.

Well, aside from these, news wise. I have a nice RSPCA woman coming round tomorrow with a pet rabbit I have decided to adopt.
She is called Lilly, hoping her and Alan will get on as they will make a cute couple. Luckily both male and female are neutered/spayed or else I should end up like -
"Rats! Hairy Japanese bastards!".
Live long and prosper.


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