Thursday, 4 October 2012

Death Rider Squadron Finished (Pics) - Project Muffin the Mule.

Well, can't remember when I bought these but it was surely a long time ago, nice to see them finished, lovely models but the banners need to have a bit more definition to them; they seem a bit rushed in the sculpting. Anyway, there's five of them, but I've done pics of 3 of them then a group shot as they're all very much of a muchness...

"My wife calls me 'Ridemaster ' too y'know".

Grey horsie.

More of a brown, nut horsie.

This was an odd colour choice horsie, I looked up 'pictures of horses' (not recommended with 'safe-search: off'') and saw some interesting colours so I went with this browny, bluey, grey colour. Pleased enough with it.

"Trench Patrol".
You may have noticed one of them has his demo-spike missing, must have lost it when I moved house, which is dissapointing. What I think I'll do is buy another rough rider and take the lance from that, I have intentions on creating a mounted commissar so nothing will go to waste.

Aanyway, let me know what y'all think.



  1. They look fantastic. Your army is shaping up to be something really very special. I don't suppose you live anywhere near London because it's be great to get a game against these guys!

    You get them painted so quickly and to a really high standard. Great job!

    1. Sorry mate I live in Durham, but, I could let you know next time I'm going to Warhammer World.

      Thanks for the appreciation!