Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sentinel Powerlifter Finished and Terrain Train Part Two

Evening all,

Well now, Sentinel Powerlifter is painted, bear in mind it's not a frontline unit and I wanted it to retain some sort of erm, how do you say it, ubiquity, as in, it's merely a mechanised lifter for helping behind the lines. So, it's not got an awful lot of 'striking' features as it were, but I'm pleased enough with it.
His boring side.

Pleased with the scratchbuilt counterweight. 

His name isn't Krieg. It's Grippy.
And now, my 'edits' to the terrain board are made, you would not believe how hard it was to get photos of this, black light-sucking background for what are mainly shiny light objects. But I've done my best, hopefully it'll all be easier to see when painted.

My own dragons tooth, hereafter (DT). Looking like a shell or bolter has hit it and it's metallic top has buckled.

Replaced fuel cans next to generator. Added lots of sandbags to replace the ones there.

Sandbags replaced over one strongpoint.

Sideview of generators, had to replace a lot of the earthwork but think it's ok.

Overall board, whilst plaster is drying I'll find some accessories and things to add (though they'll be painted seperately) Barbed wire will eventually look different once fixers have solidified, I will effectively double it's coverage by careful negotiation....
Until next time, have a nice Halloween. I am celebrating halloween by going to Pizza Hut and then watching the new Silent Hill Movie. A movie I've waited for for a long time.



  1. Looks good steve
    keep it all coming!
    glad to see you productive again after these last few years of quiet!

    1. Thanks Ryan. Should have another update up tomorrow or Tuesday.