Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thunderbolt Finished - Painted Pics - Operation Spacegrave Part 3

Hardly worth that previous update was it. Anyway, aside from the base (forthcoming when supplies acquired) The 'Bolt is finished. Quite pleased with it.

Quite pleased with the camouflage, getting good at doing the delineated edges I think,  also chuffed with the sweeping look of the camouflage.


I was going to paint him like Owen Wilson in 'Behind Enemy Lines' But then I forgot I hate Owen Wilson.

Sensor light - bristle to left which has since been removed.


  1. Really top notch. Don't feel bad about to bristle, you have no idea how many re-shoots I've had to do because of rouge cat hairs!

  2. Some really nice work here! I love the camouflage too and the detail work on the pilot is top notch. I would have been tempted to paint the pipes on either side of the engine a dark metalic but other than that I cant fault it!

    1. I had considered that, problem is, they're huge areas and I felt it would have broken the camo up a bit much. I'm not massively keen on large areas of metallics at the best of times though!