Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Krieg Troopers A

Evening all.

Well, I have the internet again after a month of waiting and have safely moved house - Aside from fracturing my leg that is.

But I have not been idle in the Spring Offensive, more apt now I might suggest, being around a year old, this blog returns us to Spring 2012 and with that, some painted troopers...

Not vastly happy with pic quality, some of the layering has disappeared. Something to work on perhaps, camera settings. A few bits I think I'll touch up, mainly gold on helms needs a bit of work. The Bases will be painted later on in a group of 10 or so, as i will be using the airbrush to paint the bases.

Let me know what you think.



  1. You.....painting.......mind blown :P

    Good to see you back at it dude, the troopers are looking rather nice :) whats the plan for the bases?

    Fractured leg ouch though I assume this likely involved large amounts of alcohol ;)

    1. I'll airbrush the bases with a base of the initial dark brown used on the coats, then a few tans, greys and browns sprayed over all higgledy piggledy like.

      The fractured leg yes, did involve alcohol, I've moved to live on a farm, and after a day of drinking in the sun, then pub, then inpromptu lock in - according to Emma I drank 8 pints in the pub,on top of two bottles of shiraz and a few gold watches - I was walking back down the gravel path from the pub, and was having an argument with a sheep who I'd seen burping and decided he was Chris the Sheep from Father Ted. I was 'arguing with him' then fell off the path down an embankment with a piece of gravel lodged in my leg. Walked home woke up in screaming pain... Then noticed the leg.

  2. Out of interest, do you use a brush or airbrush for basecoating infantry? Looking nice so far, but a bit clean!

    Sorry to hear (read?) about your leg - be somehing to laugh about in the future though!

    1. I use a brush, it's basecoat, wash, coat, highlight then edge highlight on the coats. The reason they look clean is because I haven't based them yet, what will happen is, I'll use the airbrush to paint the bases and with some judicious overspray muddy up the kriegers, then have a go with some pigment powders. I haven't painted the bases yet because it'll be a bit wasteful mixing up paints to do three troopers.

      However, that will change, big update coming in the next couple of days!