Friday, 15 March 2013

Dark Angels - WIP Rhino and Dreadnought II

Thought I'd show some progress pictures, taking a long time to paint these two. Basically, tracks, metallics and icons and they'll be done.


  1. The shading and blending on these mini's is beautiful matey, as is your detail work like the gems, excellent stuff :)

    1. Thanks mate, hopefully the colours will be more obvious in the finished pictures with the lighting rig.

  2. Brilliant! Echo the other comment the blending looks really good. Just had a look through and I'm loving the new dark angels stuff! Glad you decided to give them a go.

    Can I ask for some help? Looking back at your DKoK I love the browns you use on the jackets. I thought I had asked you before but can't find the post! Would you mind telling me what colours it is layered in? Its for some leather on my space marines I'm doing.

    Thanks in advance, look forward to seeing more of these guys, going to be epic!

    1. Thanks a lot Buffer.

      Ok so the browns on the krieg are fairly simple -

      I basecoat over black, with Vallejo Model Colour (VMC) German camouflage black brown. I then make up a lightish wash of black paint, with water and plenty of glaze medium (Lahmian Medium, VMC matt medium etc). I apply the wash (you'll win out of this situation because the initial colour is so dark the wash looks very natural IMO).
      I then mix up VMC German Camo Black Brown with German Camo Medium Brown and add the next layer.
      The next layer is pure Medium Brown.
      The final layer is Medium Brown with a bit of VMC German Camo Pale Brown.

      I would suggest you try out the VMC paints on a 'disposable' miniature. You'll find that the VMC paints have a totally different texture and consistency. They also dry a bit slower than other acrylics which is really handy when you're working on things such as the krieg trenchcoats - simply as you can continue to work them for a little while on the miniature.

      Any more questions let me know.

    2. Cheers mate, i'm rocking masses of Citadel paints but I'm starting to think i should branch out into some Vallejo and P3 colours. I might try a Rhinox, Calthan and Baneblade replacement of those colours with the same technique and see what i get. Thanks for the help.

    3. Yeah that'll work, you'll find the colours come out a bit more vibrant but if so perhaps try glazing with some dark brown?

  3. the same technique and see what i get. Thanks for the help.