Saturday, 21 July 2012

Finished Scratchbuilt Hydra AA Gun

Well, this is my second attempt at a Hydra Emplacement Project (HEP-B) for short.

This is how it started;

A scratchbuilt 'turret' system with a curve that I'm very happy with if I'm honest. It is set onto a plate which rotates with the gun - this plate then sits snugly on Rictus' emplacement piece (Still for sale - check here - if interested in purchasing one). Two sets of two guns which I think are autocannons but I'm not sure are magnetised to the central turret. The moulds in the box are the turret, the gun housing blocks (Left and right). I have to make the barrels each time I were to reproduce the model. I made the barrels with the idea of simple functionality much like WWII pieces.

 Robot just want a cuddle...
 Guns can elevate from ~-10degrees to about 80degrees. Was reading about German flak guns 88's) and they had minus elevations for use against tanks. Not really applicable here but it's possible...
 Another thing I found, was an ice cube tray with an excellent shape I thought for Dragons' teeth. I think it has a good shape and size for 40k tank barriers. These ones were made with resin left overs (Always mix too much) with some fine (dry!) sand in, as you can see the sand has sunk to the bottom of the ice cube tray. One benefit of adding the sand was that apart from adding extra volume to the resin, as an aggregate it also forces the resin to break in a more natural disordered way than the pure resin would when distressed. This means I get quite nice battle damage to it. Trying to decide any extra detailing I could add. Was thinking about a plate on top with some icon or other and a large metal loop (for craning them into place).

Let me know what you think!


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