Saturday, 14 July 2012

Finished squad, Scratchbuilt Hydra Turret

Hey all, another update. Pics aren't great as the daylight has just gone, but be aware the krieg I'm showing here are almost identical to the ones shown below. But i've now painted the full squad at ease.

 Force as is; note the rough riders still need a few bits doing.
Been working on this recently, a scratchbuilt Hydra turret to go with the emplacement sent to me by Rictus; A definite worth purchase, the kit is huge. I've not done the guns yet as I've run out of material, but I've placed a 4d order of plastics so the guns will be following along shortly. 

 Since moving house, my new work area. Also use it for Geochem research but not atm.

And a picture of my rabbit, because.
Bases on the last 4 kriegers not done, as I've said before I do them in batches of 8 or more.

Coming up next week, hopefully finish the Hydra turret and guns, retrofit a Leman Russ to Krieg standard and I may make a start on my engineers.

Tatty bye.

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