Monday, 18 May 2015

Back from the dead. Srsly.

Well last update was March 2013, 26 months between updates must be a record even for me.

In the last two years some major changes occurred in my life, such that myself and my partner moved to Yorkshire, a place I've grown a major liking for in the short time of being here.
I changed career paths from something that whilst I enjoyed it to begin with, I grew very tired of and left university to persue other avenues (that sounds better than some of the shit that went on at the time I must admit). I now find myself in a job that I really enjoy despite at times being tiring, hard work, stressful occassionally thankless... Brings new challenges every day.

Due to all this, modelling time (and money) became a rare commodity, and whilst I still have a much lessened time in which to do it I am now in a better position to kickstart back into the hobby.

When I left the 'hobby' 2 years ago I was exploring getting into higher end painting and modelling with an ultimate dream of getting to a point to enter a golden demon or similar. In restarting I fear my skills might be depleted, so rather than go out and spend hundreds on expensive models (FW horus heresy characters which I must do at some point...) I bought a new kit from GW I've not used before, the Scions. Must say, cracked it open today, lovely kit, cool detailing and impressive extras. I have, today, built the first model I've built in nearly 2years with a view to starting to paint in the week.

Ideally I will paint this model up, see what went wrong and how to improve it; this way getting into the swing of things a bit.

Scion with Plasma Gun

Closeup on base, needs filing on rivets etc when glue sets rock hard
Bear in mind I have no photo set up yet so pics aren't the best.

Part of the spur for this post is that, this morning, I have just booked my hotel for the Forge World Open Day on 5th July. I hope to have some bearing on where I want to go with modelling by then.

So yeah. Hopefully be able to keep this up for a while.


  1. Welcome back. Try and stick around.

  2. Welcome back, mate. Nice bases there!

  3. Jesus only took 3 days, you took 761, I expect a considerably more interesting and believable set of miracles (models will suffice) then he produced based on that ratio.

  4. It's always great to hear of someone returning from the warp. Nice to ta have ya back.

  5. Its like a Christmas miracle, or something. Nice to see you back on the scene.

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