Friday, 29 May 2015

Bumpy start...

Big thanks to all who commented. Feel all warm and tingly inside.

So the model... As stated I've not painted for a long long time, I never liked updating with an unfinished model but I suppose showing it will give you an idea of the general standard at moment.

Ignore the start of the brass bits.

In general I'm happy with the clothing - the leg areas particularly. The armour is ok, but looks a bit clumsy in the middle of the breastplate.
I think generally my issue is going to be about the steadiness of my hands, something which should improve with time and getting the hang of that.

When I came back to looking through the paints I own, I'd forgotten that I was and am using 4 different ranges (P3, VMC, GW old and GW new) that's before the Pigments etc...

So... yeah. Shall soldier on.


  1. Looks really good! You can always use some glazes to help smooth out some of those transitions in the breast plate. I am a bit glaze/wash guy, as i don't have steady hands I let the washes do all the work!

  2. Have a pint before painting to steady the hands! Seriously though it works... after all alcohol is banned as performance enhancing in most target sports xD Painting minis is a target sport, right?

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