Monday, 18 July 2011

Blast from the Past Vol.4

Ok guys, it's that time again.

I've been working on something but a couple more hours work is required on it. When I post it'll contain a complete how to (for my reference as much as anything). So here are some other models I done.

Grots - technically these belong to another blogger, Rictus. He sent me them to paint last year I think. He seems to have the correct and proper view of how Grots ought to be everywhere!

This model came free with White Dwarf with the Night Goblins release. Loved him!

How to:

Was saying the other day, if my green stuff ability ever got good enough, I'd have to do a grot army! Fully converted. They're just class. Might have to pick up the FW Grot set at GD...


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